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Book Review: Unbreakable by Andrew Wilson

How do you react when you read something in the Bible that you disagree with? Things like sexuality, gender roles and judgement. What do you do with those passages and doctrines? Andrew Wilson writes:

Many of us, when faced with a biblical difficulty – and there are plenty of those! – conclude that the Scriptures are broken. Maybe this didn’t really happen. Maybe God didn’t really say that. Hardly a day goes past without some Christian, somewhere, apologising for something the Bible says, and muttering something about it being a human book, complete with muddles and mistakes.

Unbreakable: What the Son of God says about the Word of God is the second in a series of short books by and edited by Michael Reeves.

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The sermon that made the plane ticket worth it

Plane tickets are VERY expensive…even if you consider the 6 films you watch, the 4 meals you eat, the 3 magazines you get, and the 2 journeys. So, let me share with you the sermon that made it worth the investment:

Listen to Sinclair Ferguson preaching on “Consider Jesus” from Hebrews here.

Book Review: Redemption, accomplished and applied

Redemption: Accomplished and Applied by John Murry is a classic Christian book. Yet again it is a book that I should have read years ago, and would encourage all Christians to read. I remember reading the Bible with a student once who was struggling, but after going away to read this book came back an entirely new person. You see, the truths contained in this book are the gospel pure and simple.

Murray walks us through the meaning of the cross (including it’s extent which many skip today) and looks at how the cross is applied in our lives. At points you feel like he is splitting hairs and going too deep, but then you see how what he is looking at affects us and brings us joy in our salvation.

Reading this book and understanding the truths contained will give you:

-a better understanding of the gospel

-a deeper love of the Saviour

-a greater assurance

-a stronger faith

At times the language can be a bit old fashioned and the sentences long.  But the book is a classic and deserves to be.

If you have read ‘living a cross centred life‘ and ‘cross examined‘ then this is a good next step.