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Book review: Paradoxology

There are many questions that we ask internally as Christians, but worry about sharing publicly. Questions like: why did God demand Abraham kill his son? How could God command all that bloodshed on entering the Promised Land? If Christ is victorious, why do I struggle so much with sin?

Krish Kandiah has attempted to answer these questions and many more in his book ‘Paradoxology‘:

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Everything is awesome?

According to a recent news article ‘awesome’ is one of the most popular words that our society uses and abuses. No matter where you go you can always hear someone say ‘that’s awesome!’ And it can cover anything from a beautiful view to a Subway sandwich.

I guess the cultural phenomenon that sums up our modern usage of ‘awesome‘ is the catchy and addictive theme song from the LEGO Movie ‘everything is awesome’.

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