Book Review: 10 Second Sermons

10 Second Sermons is a hilarious book by comedian Milton Jones. I love watching Milton on Mock the week and youtube as I find him clean and clever. But I never knew he was a Christian. Well, according to this interview he is. So, he has released a short book of typical one liners that look at faith, the church, Christ and other Christian subjects.

The book just made me laugh out loud and think through some issues. He has a great way of making a profound point with a silly pun. For example:
‘Christianity has done a lot of harm in the world,  but only in the way that some men who wear certain football kits get into trouble – it doesn’t mean they’re actually part of the team!’.

‘The early church had everything in common, but now somehow parts of the church have almost nothing in common with anyone’.

My favourite pun is:

‘Sometimes people think of the church as being like a giant helicopter. They don’t want to get too close in case they get sucked into the rota’s.’ 

It took me a while to get that one….read it out loud.

Anyway, there are loads of these.

This is a book for 2 types of people:

-blokes who don’t read books. Anyone can read this book.

-people who aren’ too sensitive. Some of the jokes are a little close to the mark.

This is simply a brilliant little joke book. For less than a fiver it is well worth the money.


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