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Off to a Conference

Tonight I am beginning my travels to a Pastor’s conference. The Conference is being held by Sovereign Grace Ministries in Maryland, US. The main speaker will be Sinclair Ferguson.

Please pray that I would be built up, equipped and challenged.

Please pray especially for my wife Becca and my little boy Noah.

I’ll be writing daily updates on the blog during the week.


Why I left Facebook

Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook account….it is gone. The question is: Why?

Firstly, I didn’t do it because I had no friends…. I actually culled about 250 of them half a year ago, and still felt I had too many ‘friends’.

Secondly, I didn’t do it because I think Facebook is evil…. I think it is neutral in terms of morality in and of itself.

Thirdly, I didn’t do it because I’d done something stupid… I felt I was using it quite well.


I guess there are a few reasons:

  • It was a waste of time. That is, it didn’t really deepen any friendships in a gospel way. I saw more funny pictures, knew who was annoyed, depressed and angry…but it didn’t help me love anyone any better. It gave the pretence of community and love – but it had none. In effect it was just a game, and I think games are a waste of time that I cannot legitimise as a Christian.
  • I saw Christians doing stupid, sinful things. I witnessed Christians lying, swearing, putting photo’s up of them transgressing, flirting, etc. I would just get so upset at the degree of ‘Christians’ sin, that it just got me angry. I would say that Facebook does far more to harm the gospel than it does to help (I am not saying that it cannot be used for good, just that I haven’t seen it used for good very often).
  • People put comments on my wall/ pictures that were outrageous. I had to close my wall down a year ago, and since then have had to ‘police’ my comments. It wasn’t just non Christians writing ‘fruity’ language, it was ‘Christians’ making innuendo’s, etc. On a number of occasions I had to talk to someone to take something down…. it was a depressing comment on peoples faith.
  • I know of marriages wrecked on Facebook. Affairs have started on Facebook. Whilst I don’t think Facebook is to blame, I don’t think it helps. I’d rather run from sin and kill it off.
  • I saw kids putting stuff up they’ll regret in years to come. Some young people I know put photo’s up that were nearly pornographic and made sexual comments. One day they will regret it. I didn’t want to be a part of that kind of environment.
  • People made assumptions about my ‘time’. Sometimes I put something up in the daytime…it may have been a link to a Kindle quote or picture. People then assumed that I wasn’t working. I guess it is a fair assumption from someone who works in an office 9-5. However, I may have been working a 16 hour day, and wrote it in my 20 minute lunch break. However, we must be careful of appearances of evil….so it’s best not to be there.
In a nut shell, I don’t think Facebook is evil, but I only saw 1 Christian use Facebook wisely. I don’t want to stand up and say everyone should leave, but I don’t want to be on there and imply that it’s ok for Christians to be there, and I really don’t want to make Christians feel that they must be there.
I’m off Facebook.
What will you do?

Thanks for the help…could I have some more?

Thanks to all who did the online survey to help me know who reads this blog and why. It was very helpful.

3 things emerged:

  • Keep going with the book reviews
  • Bring back Saturday Solo
  • Say lots of nice things about my assistant pastor and my wife

But now I need some more help….

I’m looking for some new books to read (they can be old books, just new to me), and I want to read some books on the following subjects:

  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Second Coming
  • The place of Israel
So, what books would you recommend? What should I ready?