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Why I left Facebook

Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook account….it is gone. The question is: Why?

Firstly, I didn’t do it because I had no friends…. I actually culled about 250 of them half a year ago, and still felt I had too many ‘friends’.

Secondly, I didn’t do it because I think Facebook is evil…. I think it is neutral in terms of morality in and of itself.

Thirdly, I didn’t do it because I’d done something stupid… I felt I was using it quite well.


I guess there are a few reasons:

  • It was a waste of time. That is, it didn’t really deepen any friendships in a gospel way. I saw more funny pictures, knew who was annoyed, depressed and angry…but it didn’t help me love anyone any better. It gave the pretence of community and love – but it had none. In effect it was just a game, and I think games are a waste of time that I cannot legitimise as a Christian.
  • I saw Christians doing stupid, sinful things. I witnessed Christians lying, swearing, putting photo’s up of them transgressing, flirting, etc. I would just get so upset at the degree of ‘Christians’ sin, that it just got me angry. I would say that Facebook does far more to harm the gospel than it does to help (I am not saying that it cannot be used for good, just that I haven’t seen it used for good very often).
  • People put comments on my wall/ pictures that were outrageous. I had to close my wall down a year ago, and since then have had to ‘police’ my comments. It wasn’t just non Christians writing ‘fruity’ language, it was ‘Christians’ making innuendo’s, etc. On a number of occasions I had to talk to someone to take something down…. it was a depressing comment on peoples faith.
  • I know of marriages wrecked on Facebook. Affairs have started on Facebook. Whilst I don’t think Facebook is to blame, I don’t think it helps. I’d rather run from sin and kill it off.
  • I saw kids putting stuff up they’ll regret in years to come. Some young people I know put photo’s up that were nearly pornographic and made sexual comments. One day they will regret it. I didn’t want to be a part of that kind of environment.
  • People made assumptions about my ‘time’. Sometimes I put something up in the daytime…it may have been a link to a Kindle quote or picture. People then assumed that I wasn’t working. I guess it is a fair assumption from someone who works in an office 9-5. However, I may have been working a 16 hour day, and wrote it in my 20 minute lunch break. However, we must be careful of appearances of evil….so it’s best not to be there.
In a nut shell, I don’t think Facebook is evil, but I only saw 1 Christian use Facebook wisely. I don’t want to stand up and say everyone should leave, but I don’t want to be on there and imply that it’s ok for Christians to be there, and I really don’t want to make Christians feel that they must be there.
I’m off Facebook.
What will you do?

Thanks for the help…could I have some more?

Thanks to all who did the online survey to help me know who reads this blog and why. It was very helpful.

3 things emerged:

  • Keep going with the book reviews
  • Bring back Saturday Solo
  • Say lots of nice things about my assistant pastor and my wife

But now I need some more help….

I’m looking for some new books to read (they can be old books, just new to me), and I want to read some books on the following subjects:

  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Second Coming
  • The place of Israel
So, what books would you recommend? What should I ready?