Book review: Paradoxology

There are many questions that we ask internally as Christians, but worry about sharing publicly. Questions like: why did God demand Abraham kill his son? How could God command all that bloodshed on entering the Promised Land? If Christ is victorious, why do I struggle so much with sin?

Krish Kandiah has attempted to answer these questions and many more in his book ‘Paradoxology‘:

Looking at books and characters of the Bible like Job, Hosea, Esther and Judas, Krish asks questions about a God who is actively inactive, faithful to the unfaithful,  speaks silently, and determines our free will, etc. How are these Paradoxes possible?These questions and many more are answered in this very accessible book. Krish Kandiah has an excellent grasp of the Bible, our society and the arguments that those for and against the gospel make.

I remember Justin Mote teaching a UCCF team day and saying that the seeming contradictions (paradoxes)of the Christian Faith are one of the most important things we can teach people. I wholeheartedly agree. In my opinion this is the best book I know of t start unpacking those paradoxes.

Krish gives you confidence to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, and to know that the God of the Bible has answers.

Here is a favorite quote:

‘Just as plants deprived of water put down deeper roots, so the struggle to keep trusting God during his silence & our tragedy’




3 thoughts on “Book review: Paradoxology

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