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Meeting-itis is a terrible affliction that Christians suffer from. We have to meet to discuss everything, and then have sub meeting to discuss the discussions. In fact, I used to be involved in an organisation that had pre-meeting meetings in order to have more meetings!

There is a book out which looks at this issue…I haven’t read it, but it looks interesting.

Here is a video about it:

You can get the Kindle version free here for the rest of the week.


Men’s day audio

This term I have been thinking a lot about pride, humility, the Apostle Peter, and me. I taught through my thoughts at 2 men’s event. The audio is below. Whilst it is directed at men, the first talk is applicable to men and women.

Talk 1: Peter, a story of pride and humility


Talk 2: Killing the enemy of pride


Talk 3: Making friends with humility

My new blog

It seems that every day I come across some free Christian book: Audio book; Kindle book: PDF, etc. Sometimes I tell you here, and sometimes I write a little review. But there are far more free books than I can review. So… I have started a new blog Free Christian Books Online that will have at 5 updates a week. Yes, 5 free books a week!  Some will appear on that blog and this one, but not all.

You can look to the right of this blog and see the RSS feed.

Spread the word, let’s enjoy free books!