Book Review: Unbreakable by Andrew Wilson

How do you react when you read something in the Bible that you disagree with? Things like sexuality, gender roles and judgement. What do you do with those passages and doctrines? Andrew Wilson writes:

Many of us, when faced with a biblical difficulty – and there are plenty of those! – conclude that the Scriptures are broken. Maybe this didn’t really happen. Maybe God didn’t really say that. Hardly a day goes past without some Christian, somewhere, apologising for something the Bible says, and muttering something about it being a human book, complete with muddles and mistakes.

Unbreakable: What the Son of God says about the Word of God is the second in a series of short books by and edited by Michael Reeves.

You can read this book in about an hour, but you’ll want to read it again as it is jam packed with great insights, explanations and thoughts. The first thing you notice in the book is it’s style.  Wilson writes very well; painting pictures and illustrating biblical passages with great skill. He brings complicated concepts and well known passages to life with ease.

However, this is not a style over substance book. The second thing you notice in the book is how scriptural it is. Wilson packs Bible passages and verses into the book. You find yourself going to the footnotes and back into the Bible as he makes you reconsider what you have read. This is definitely a book that points you to The Book.

Finally, this little gem of a book shines a spotlight on Jesus. Wilson helps us see that Jesus is the heart of the Bible. He writes:

If you read the Bible as if it’s mainly about Israel, or mainly about you, it’s like reading it with a cold heart and your eyes shut. When you discover it’s mainly about Jesus, and God’s purpose for the nations through him, your heart catches fire and your eyes are opened.

Throughout the book Wilson helps you have confidence in the content of the Bible and our ability to understand it. The big theme is this: the Bible is unbreakable….it is never wrong. But we are broken, and we may be wrong. Thus he concludes:

The point is: whenever Scripture challenges some of our deeply held beliefs, as it often does, we have a choice. We can challenge the Bible, or we can let the Bible challenge us.

If you want to be challenged by the Bible, read this little book.


Declaration: I was given a free copy of this book to review by 


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