Christianity Explored training day

This Saturday we are hosting a Christianity Explored training day in our church building on Wind Street. We have Stephen James presenting the majority of the material, and myself doing a few bits and bobs.

This is designed for 2 groups of people:

  • Church leaders who are interested in running CE in their churches and would like to know more about the course.
  • People from Ammanford Evangelical Church who would like to do CE with their friends.
Here is a little introduction to the course:
The training day is free and will run as follows:

9am                             Registration & Coffee

9:15                             Talk 1: Establishing the essentials

10:15                           Coffee break

10:30                           Talk 2: Exploring Mark

11:30                           Break (AEC guys will walk over to the Old Job Centre)

11:40                           Talk 3: Experiencing the Course

Church leaders from other churches will stay in the building with Stephen

People from AEC will have a separate session.


12:30                           Lunch for the church leaders (there are plenty of shops and cafe’s within 2 mins of the building)

The AEC guys can leave

1:15                             Talk 4: Engaging others (for leaders)

2:15                             Q and A

The day will be over by 3pm.
Are you coming?
Be great to see you there!

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