Our new Pastor

On Sunday we had the joy of welcoming Sammy Davies onto the eldership/ pastoral team/ leadership of the church. It was a great service and a real blessing. I had the privilege of preaching from Acts 20 and Paul’s farewell to the Ephesian Elders.

I want to address 3 questions in this blog:

  • What is Sammy’s role/ title? Why?
  • What should Sammy and all other Pastors concentrate on?
  • What resources are there to help Pastors?
Firstly. why the title confusion in the first line of this blog?
It is fair to say that the whole leadership structure/ polity debates are huge and numerous. My simple understanding is that there are 2 offices of leadership in the church today, elders and deacons. I believe that all pastors must be elders, but that you can have many specialities and emphasis within that office. I also believe that all elders must lead.
Therefore, Sammy is now an Elder (1 of 4), part of the leadership team (which includes deacons, elders and trustees) and is a pastor/ under shepherd.
Even though he is an assistant Pastor, our worth is equal. We believe in Plurality and Parity of Elders (although we do believe in Primus inter pares. You can read about here).
Secondly, what should Sammy, myself and other pastors be concentrating on?
In my sermon I looked at 5 area’s we should work towards:
Live. We must be amongst the people. being Shepherds with the flock.
Love. We must love our church people with all our heart.
Labour. Our main task is preaching and teaching the Bible and the gospel.
Look after. We have a dual role in keeping watch over ourselves (life and doctrine) and the flock.
Leave. Paul was able to commend them to God and His Grace. We need to be good Calvinists and realise that it is Jesus who will build His church.
Finally, what good resources are there for younger Pastors?
There are numerous great books, and conferences that are easy to find.
Here are a couple of web sites that I find helpful:
Keep Looking Upwards!

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