Thanks for the help…could I have some more?

Thanks to all who did the online survey to help me know who reads this blog and why. It was very helpful.

3 things emerged:

  • Keep going with the book reviews
  • Bring back Saturday Solo
  • Say lots of nice things about my assistant pastor and my wife

But now I need some more help….

I’m looking for some new books to read (they can be old books, just new to me), and I want to read some books on the following subjects:

  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Second Coming
  • The place of Israel
So, what books would you recommend? What should I ready?

2 thoughts on “Thanks for the help…could I have some more?

  1. John Owen on the Holy Spirit is heavy going but fruitful – Sinclair Ferguson has a modern volume in the Contours (I think) series.
    Surprised by the power of the Spirit by Jack Deere?
    The Forgotten God – Chan

    The Jack Deere one is a suggestion, not sure if it’s a recommendation!

    Looking forward to the reviews – whatever the books are. I know zilcho about the role of Israel and little about the second coming!

  2. One book suggestion on the Holy Spirit:
    Experiencing the Spirit by Graham Beynon, very highly recomended
    I think this book would be very helpful to a lot of Christians.

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