Good advice to Camp leaders

There are loads of great camps for children and youth over the summer holidays, and they can have a huge Spiritual impact. We need to all be devoting time to pray for them each week. As I have been reading the biography of John Stott I have discovered that he was Bash’s right hand man during the Second World War and saw many men converted to Christ in his ‘Bash camps’.

However, one contemporary made this comment about Bash and Stott’s wise approach to working with young people on camp:

‘Every part of the camp operation was finely tuned to achieve it’s purpose of attracting boys and winning them for Christ. But the style was relaxed and informal. Bash had a horror of intensity, believing that spiritual commitments made in a highly-charged atmosphere, by teenagers at any rate, were unlikely to last. He knew the value of well timed humour, and used it to help boys to relax and think through issues calmly. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why so many of them continued as Christians into adult life.’


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