Each year I try and read the works of an author. Now, they aren’t always great authors….it could be anything from Mike Gayle to George Orwell. I generally start a new author every summer holiday. Last year I started the works and biographies of Mark Twain – I was very excited as I loved Tom Sawyer as a child.

However, I have failed.

I should be reading his autobiography by now, but I am still on the third book!!!!!!

I failed in a HUGE way!

To be honest, I just didn’t get on with his early writings. I failed.

There we are, I have made my confession…I am a reading failure.

So, where next?

I was going to read CS Lewis, but then I changed my mind.

In light of the passing into glory of John Stott, I have decided to read his books this year (not including his BST commentaries…I’ll read them as and when I preach the relevant books of the Bible). ‘The Cross of Christ’ was one of the most formative books I read and I am looking forward to being encouraged and equipped by his other books (maybe even his bird watching book!).

So, here’s to failure and hoping I don’t fail this time.


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