Getting ready for Sunday (and the legacy of John Stott)

As I reflect on the life of John Stott this morning, it is clear that he is a man who has left a legacy. By God’s grace, a huge legacy.
Firstly we may think of his ministry in London, then his work in the wider Anglican communion. However, for men like me it is his books that have made the biggest legacy: The Cross of Christ, etc. However, there is another legacy – his international legacy in terms of supporting pastors in the Third World, being a part of the Lausanne movement, and championing the cause of social action.

His life was marked by good works flowing from great grace.

He lived a profitable and productive life.

A life that all Christians should live.

READ Titus 3:8-15

  • What kind of lives are we to lead?
  • What can stop us from living those lives?
  • What kind of things was Titus to do?
  • What is the final challenge of the letter?
  • Will your life leave a legacy of profitable good works?
See you Sunday!

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