Review: Christian Beliefs DVD course

As a church we have just finished going through Wayne Grudems20 Christian Beliefs Course‘. It has been a great time of learning, being stretched, thinking through, and growing in our faith.

The DVD has 20 sessions looking at the following subjects:

1. What is the Bible? – The authority, necessity, clarity, and sufficiency of scripture.
2. What is God like? – The attributes of God. God’s holiness, love, justice, omniscience, and much more.
3. What is the Trinity? – Exploring the beauty, complexity and roles within the Godhead.
4. What is creation? – The origin and purpose of creation, and the implications for us today.
5. What is prayer? – Understanding our relationship with the Lord and how it works out in prayer.
6. What are angels and demons? – How the activities of both angels and demons affect us today.
7. What is man? – Understanding the implications of being made in God’s image.
8. What is sin? – The origin and effects of sin.
9. Who is Christ? – The humanity and deity of Christ and its implications for salvation and worship.
10. What is atonement? – The cause, necessity, nature and results of Christ’s atonement.
11. What is the resurrection? – Understanding the effects of the resurrection for us today.
12. What is election (or predestination)? – What election does and does not mean, and its implications for faith and worship.
13. What does it mean to become a Christian? – The process of calling, regeneration and conversion.
14. What are justification and adoption? – The central role of justification by faith and its result in adoption.
15. What are sanctification and perseverance? – Christian growth and God’s preservation of the saints.
16. What is death? – The death and resurrection of Christians and non-Christians.
17. What is the church? – The power, purposes, purity, unity and consistency of the church.
18. What will happen when Christ returns? – The timing, signs, tribulation, and millennial views of Christ’s return and reign.
19. What is the final judgement? – The purpose and events of the final judgement and the scriptural teaching about hell.
20. What is heaven? – The renewed heavens and earth, what we will do, and how it will glorify God.

Each session is a recording of live teaching by Grudem somewhere in England. The camera work is good, the setting is nice, and the quality is pretty high. The video’s are very watchable.

The sessions last around 1 hour each and have discussion breaks. Our sessions were about 90 minutes each. The accompanying booklet has discussion questions, these are generally very good, but often need a bit of work to make them applicable to all groups. There are also Q&A sessions that you can watch. We didn’t use them due to time constraints – but they are very helpful and worth watching.

This is very much Grudem Lite and so is very accessible to every Christian. It is a great entry to the world of systematic theology and a superb way of encouraging people to deepen their theological thinking.

It is fair to say that some sessions are more in-depth than others – this can sometimes be a bit frustrating. But overall, the sessions are excellent (apart from session 18…I skipped that one ;)).

I would encourage every Church to run a course and every Christian to do it.

You can buy it here.

Here is a taster video clip:


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