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Getting your kids through church without them ending up hating God by Rob Parsons is a book I have been really keen to read. The title sums up a desire that all parents and church leaders have – how to best serve our children in a way that encourages them towards the gospel.

I’ll be honest, I was really not sure what I thought about this book as I started reading it. It seemed to annoy and encourage me with equal measure…. In the first half I felt that Rob was assuming the gospel and taking the line of ‘even if they don’t like church, the Bible, Jesus or the gospel, if they buy a copy of the Big Issue and run a Marathon to raise money for Water for the Third World they are fine‘. Now, as I read on he did introduce the idea that Jesus was central to the Christian faith…and that really warmed my heart. Indeed, that is how he ends the book. So, to be fair to him, he is clear on the gospel.

However, I feel that many parents have lost confidence in the gospel and so feel that the best way to serve their children is to:

  • not force them to go to church
  • not let them see you making church a priority
  • not stop them doing any club or activity that might ‘fulfil’ them and stop them coming to church
I understand where parents are coming from. We don’t want our kids to hate God, so we take God off the agenda. Hoping that by showing Him to be unimportant He wont annoy them. This is a fatal error.
This is not an error I think Rob makes.
If you keep reading the book and listen to what he is saying, he is actually giving gems. I love the fact:
-That he encourages us to try and understand kids and not judge them too quickly.
-That he wants families to prioritize youth group night.
-That he urges us to be careful what we say around our children about church.
-That we need to prepare our kids for disappointment with God 
So, am I recommending this book?
But I am saying be careful. This is not a book to read half of. You need to read it all.




2 thoughts on “Book Review: Getting your kids through church…

  1. Hi Jonathan

    This is Rob Parsons – I am in Africa at the moment and came across your review last night. Thank you for that.

    After reading the review I read your criteria for reviews and found that so encouraging. I think sometimes in the Christian community we “play” at being hard-edged and can so easily discourage others – or worse make them cynical. The big issue is not so much the authors -who have to be prepared to take the hard stuff on the nose – but as you say – others who may have been blessed by other books.

    I was interested to see you lead a church “just down the road” from us. I hope you are encouraged.

    Yours in Christ


  2. Thanks for commenting. And thanks for writing! Many in the church have been particularly affected by ‘bringing home the prodigals’ and we get people to read ‘the money secret’ a lot!
    God bless your ministry in Africa

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