Book Review: Humility

Humility: True Greatness by CJ Mahaney is a book that I first read 3 years ago, but felt I needed to read it again. This is a short book on the difficult subject of pride and humility and is an important read for all men.

  • Overview of the book
CJ looks at what humility and pride are, redefines greatness, and then spends half the book looking at how we can grow in humility. The book has short chapters that get straight to the point. It covers both theology and practice.
  • Strong points
As I want men to read this book, the length is a very strong point. This is a short book. The strongest point though must be the gospel centred nature of the book. CJ does not knock us down, but rather he points us to Christ. I love the fact that he is so honest with his own struggles. The real practical applications are great too…even his advice to take up golf (I declined).
  • Weak points
The book is a bit American and so the language and sentiment can be a little odd to British men. But I think we need to be challenged in that area and so it is only a slight weakness.
  • Quotes

‘Humility is honestly assessing yourself in light of God’s holiness and our sinfulness.’

  • Who should read this book
Whilst I am applying this book to men, I think it would be helpful for women too. However, I think it is primarily men who should read it.
  • Rating



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