Book Review: The Shepherd Leader

The Shepherd Leader: Achieving effective Shepherding in your church by Timothy Z. Witmer is an absolute must read for all pastors and elders. I loved this book and it has influenced me greatly.

Witmer gives a good Biblical overview of the role and need for shepherds in the local church and then describing what an elder is to do. As he does so he gives questions for reflection.

One of the most helpful aspects of the book is the ‘Micro and Macro’ applications. What does feeding the sheep look like on a macro and micro level? How  can you know the church on a micro and macro level? This gives a very rounded and full view of eldership.

The book is extremely practical and realistic. Witmer gives lot’s of suggestions without being too dogmatic. This book will not give you both a theological framework and a practical framework for effectively leading your church. I was particularly challenged by his repetition that we must give an account for all the flock God has entrusted to us and so we need to know who they are, care for them, guard them and help them grow.

I will read this book again, set it as the standard text for all new elders/ pastors, and prayfully begin to impliment much of what he said.

This is a GREAT book.

Thank you Mr Witmer.


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