Book Review: Raised with Christ

Raised with Christ: How the Resurrection changes everything by blogger Adrian Warnock is a very helpful book exploring the implications of the resurrection for Christians. Warnock, while loving and defending the doctrine of Penal Substitution, believes that the church tends to neglect the doctrine of the Resurrection.

As he says ‘Christians sometimes even say Jesus dies to save us without mentioning that he also rose for our salvation. It’s time to redress the balance a bit and talk more about Jesus’ death and resurrection.’ 

Warnock spends time defending the historicity of the Resurrection and then showing how it was central to the preaching of the early church (Acts), how the Old Testament looked forward to the resurrection, and how exactly the resurrections effects our salvation.

The book leaves no stone unturned, and maybe has a little bit too much stuff at the end which isn’t so relevant.  As Warnock isn’t a theologian (but a very clever, and well thought out Christian) he tends to keep his language and argument simple. This makes the book really accessible. But, if you are looking for a book with lots of technical debate, this aint it.

If you have never read a book on the Resurrection…why not? Do you know how the Resurrection changes everything? Or is it an assumed doctrine?

Get this book. It is well worth a read.


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