Book Review: Questioning Evangelism

Questioning Evangelism: Engaging people’s hearts the way Jesus did by Randy Newman is a book on evangelism using questioning/ dialogue (not questioning the validity of evangelism!).  I found this a very easy book to read that has lots of practical suggestions and thoughts on how to share the gospel with someone. Newman shows us in part 1 why we should use questions, in part 2 he demonstrates how to answer 7 difficult questions in this manner, and in part 3 he deals with our apathy.

The questions that Newman deals with are:

  1. Why are Christians so intolerant?
  2. Why does a good God allow evil and suffering such as Columbine and AIDS?
  3. Why should anyone worship a God who allowed 9/11?
  4. Why should we believe an ancient book written by dead Jewish males?
  5. Why are Christians so homophobic?
  6. What’s so good about marriage?
  7. If Jesus is so great, why are some of his followers such jerks?
It is a good book and worth reading. It is particularly helpful on our need to understand where people are coming from, how to move monologue to dialogue, and has some excellent insights on answering some of the tough questions. It is certainly an up-to-date book in terms of relevance.
However, it isn’t the best book on evangelism. This is because he has a definite agenda to show a particular approach to evangelism, it is a very American book (which is great for them), and I felt he tended to be a little too aggressive for the British scene.
If you have read these books…
Know and tell the gospel by John Chapman
…then Newman’s book is well worth a read.

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