Dai Woolridge hits the road again

Dai Wool is a great communicator. I would say that he is one of the best I know. He is a young man from Ammanford, who emigrated to Cardiff, and spends his time writting and performing pieces that communicated various aspects of the Christian faith.

Last year he toured the ‘tent maker’, a great performance about the Apostle Paul that I reviewed here. It was a performance that makes you laugh and cry, but also think and be encouraged.

He has a new tour called the ‘XY tour’ all about men in the Bible – but not just for men to go to.

The blurb goes like this:

There are stack
loads of men in the
Bible, most of them with great
intentions but bar one, none of
them perfect. How can we learn from
these more hairy, gassy and less able
to multi task members of the Bible?
How can their choices teach us (both
chromosome types), to be better
men and women of
God today?

Here is the trailor:

The web site and tour dates are here.


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