Christianity Explored: Past and Present

Last night I started leading another Christianity Explored course – probably my 11th…I’ll be honest, I love it. I have blogged before on 10 reasons I live Christianity Explored.  But last night was a particularly important one, let me explain why:
-It is the last time I am using the current DVD with that amazingly ironic introduction in the country church. I have loved this DVD, but it has started to age slightly, and so the good people of CE have made a new DVD series that is coming out this month (but I want to get one last course out of the old DVD to get my monies worth!). As I watched the DVD, memories came flooding back of people who have done the course before and come to know the Lord.

Here is the new trailor:

-This is the first time I have led a group that is only attended by men. It is a huge privilege to sit down with these guys and open up Marks gospel and pray that they meet Jesus as he walks of the pages of the gospel – letting a Gospel tell the gospel.

-Finally, we are going to start another group in a few weeks with the new DVD. As I reflect back at the faithfulness of God through this course, I look forward with anticipation and excitement at what God will do in the future.

Not only is there a new DVD (which has wisely shortened the course from 10 to 7 weeks), but there is also an amazing evangelistic web site to go with it here. Check it out!

Please pray that we would see people coming to New Life as we seek to show people the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

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