What is your theme?

In life we all have clear themes: sport, culture, money, career, family and friends, health, etc. Your ‘theme’ is the thing you put your satisfaction and security in. In effect, your functional saviour. What do you dream of? What do you talk about? What do you worry about? The answer to those questions will help you see your theme. An easy way to see your theme is to ask your friends and family – ‘what do I always go on about?

Our ‘themes’ generally fall into one of two categories:

1. Self-sufficiency.

We believe that by hard work, luck, money, success or love we will be ok. We think we are pretty good – we don’t need God, we just need our self. Our theme is all we need.

2. Self-loathing

Some people know that they are not good enough, they know there is something wrong. But they define themselves by it. Thus their theme is always a depressed one – a doomed one. There is no hope.

I wonder, what is your theme?

Do you fall into the self-sufficient or the self-loathing?

The good news that we remembered and celebrated over the weekend is that we can all have a New Theme – a New Song…Redeeming Love! We are not self-sufficient, but Jesus is sufficient in His death and resurrection. We are self-loathing, and under God’s wrath, but the Father ha sent the Son to die on our behalf….because He loves us!

Is that your theme? The Work of Jesus, His Redeeming Love?

There was a man who once lived who could have had many ‘themes’:

-a son of a vicar he could have trusted in his back ground (family and friends)

-the most popular poet in England (career and cash)

-a manic depressive who tried to take his life (depression and despondency) 

None of these were his ‘theme’, the thing that defined him.

No, this man, William Cowper, was clear:

‘Redeeming love has been my theme, and shall be till I die’.


2 thoughts on “What is your theme?

  1. Hi Jonathon T! It’s Hannah from Swansea/Camp here. Just wanted to say I found THIS post really helpful, and love that version of the song too.

    Over and out.

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