Book Review: Reverberation


Reverberation: how God’s word brings light, freedom, and action to His people by Jonathan Leeman is another book from the 9Marks stable…and it is well worth a read. Jonathan aims to show us that ‘one thing is necessary in our churches – hearing God’s Word through preaching, reading, singing, and praying.’  He wants us to regain confidence in the transformational power of the Bible by the power of the Holy Spirit in the local Church. He believes that the Bible should ‘reverberate’ around the church and to outside the church.


Jonathan is clear and concise and doesn’t waste your time. The book has a clear aim and structure, uses good illustrations and has a very good Biblical basis. He is honest about why we have lost confidence in the centrality of expositional preaching and is able to refute the reasons. He writes with fire in his belly and real conviction. At the end of each chapter he has a helpful recommended reading section. I particularly found his section on how to decide what to preach (expositional or thematic) really helpful and finished the book with a renewed vigour to preach the whole counsel of God.

He has excellent sections on preaching from the Old Testament; the role of the Bible in mission; and counselling.


I think the book could have been longer and more in-depth at some points.  I guess he was writing to make the book accessible to non-church leaders, but not sure how many will actually read it. I think it is worth reading if you are a church member as it will help you know why your Pastor gives such prominence to the Bible throughout the life of the church (not just in the sermon). But my guess is that mainly pastors will read this. Therefore, he could have gone into more depth.


‘No matter where a text is located on the plotline, it should always be preached with the entire plotline in view.’

‘God’s Word and Spirit work together efficaciously… God’s Word does not merely impart information; it creates life.’


I think church leaders should read this book. Especially is you are tempted to shorten your sermons to make the church more ‘open’ or preach catchy, thematic sermons.

However, I would love church members to read this and understand where our trust and hope is – to understand and rejoice in the fact that we are a people of the Book.


Good. I got this book for free – but I would have paid for it!


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