Lent Reading List

I always try and read a book on the Cross every year, and Lent is a great time to do it. This year I am going to read ‘It is well:Expositions on Substitutionary Atonement’ by Mark Dever and Michael Lawrence.

Are you going to read a book to get ready for Easter?

Here are a few books I am encouraging our church to read (the prices shown are only available when ordered in our church through the Information Point):

Croes fy Arglwydd gan Gwyn Williams £6.99 down to £4.99

This Welsh book is the transcript of a series of powerful sermons preached at the Welsh Aber Conference by Gwyn Williams. This is a heart warming book that reminds us of the centre of out faith.

The Glory of the Cross by Gwyn Williams £4.99

This is the translation of the book above.

Living the cross centred life by CJ Mahaney £8.99 down to £6.99

This is my favourite Christian book of all time. It is short, simple and shocking. It will take you on a journey of discovering the true nature of the cross and the hope you can have in the gospel. This book will move you closer to Jesus.

Scandalous by Don Carson £7.99 down to 5.99

Don Carson is one of the greatest theologians of our time, but this is one of his most accessible books. He opens up 5 passages in a warm and clear way to help you understand more the scandal of the cross.

Kings Cross by Tim Keller £11.99 down to £9.99

This is hot of the press and covers the life of Jesus from the Gospel of Mark. Keller is one of the most important pastor/thinkers of our time.You will find his writing very addictive.

Raised with Christ by Adrian Warnock £12.99 down to £10.99

This is quite a large book that covers evidence for the resurrection and the implications of the resurrection. Although large, it is accessible. This book will strengthen your faith both in trust and joy.

Fuller reviews to follow….


One thought on “Lent Reading List

  1. I’ve started reading John Stott’s cross of Christ.
    Surprised it’s taken me so long to come to it!

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