Getting ready for Sunday

This weekend we get into a very juicy part of the Bible….1 Corinthians 14. We are going to camp out here for 2 weeks and explore how the gifts of tongues and prophecy are to be used in the local church.

The problem in Corinth was one of being self centred – thinking it was all about ‘me‘ and ‘my rights’ and ‘my gifts’. I wonder, when you come to church on a Sunday morning, which of the following do you think?

  • ‘I hope I get blessed this morning’
  • ‘I wonder who I can bless this morning?’
  • ‘I hope people see me and my gifts this morning’
  • ‘I hope people see Jesus and His gospel this morning’

As you prepare for Sunday read 1 Corinthians 14:1-25 and consider:

  • In verse 1, what is Paul’s view of the gifts?
  • Why is prophecy better than tongues in the local church?
  • What is the aim of a church service?
  • What should our aim be on a Sunday morning and in mid week meetings?

See you Sunday!


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