Knowing God

Last night we had our second ‘20 life transforming truths‘ evening in church (a DVD based course with Wayne Grudem). I was really looking forward to it and loved the first 10 minutes. But then the DVD stopped, broke, froze, generally refused to work! I was gutted. I tried to fill in for a few minutes for the tech to start working again…but it wouldn’t.

I had a choice to make:

Stop the meeting and get together next week to watch the session

-Get up and wing it…just try and fill in for the mighty Grudem DVD

What would you do?

I decided to get up and wing it. While I am no-where near Wayne Grudem in intellect, and had done absolutely zero preparation, and I didn’t have a concordance on me, I just felt that as a Pastor I should be able to speak about ‘who God is‘ for at least 40 minutes. Because if I don’t know the character of God…I don’t know anything.

Now, I think my teaching was pretty average (maybe below average). There wasn’t much depth, good illustration or vast amounts of cross referencing. But there was a real sense of joy as I once again came to see how clear the Bible is, how much God has revealed, and how the Spirit of God illuminates our hearts and minds.

In the end, by the grace of God, I know God. I know Him personally because Jesus Christ died to reconcile us, and now His Spirit is dwelling in me.

Let us never forget that as Christians we know God…we may not have a PhD in knowing about God, but we do know God personally. So we can talk about Him and show Him to others.

Diolch Iddo!


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