Book Review: Incomparable

Incomparable: Explorations in the Character of God is by a relatively new author called Andrew Wilson. It is a book of around 2 months worth of daily devotions on the character of God, such as the character of God, the names of God, etc. Each chapter is short, yet meaty, and is full of great illustrations, clear insights into the Bible, and warm application to bless your heart. I didn’t spend 2 months going through the book but read in a couple of weeks – it is a very addictive read, you don’t want to put it down.

Andrew comes from a very theologically evangelical position that is clear on the character of God, authority of Scripture and the atonement, but also has a charismatic angle that comes out very often in relation to the miraculous gifts. To be honest, I found this refreshing and challenging.

This book will encourage you to worship and deepen your understanding of God. I guess it would be an easier place to start than ‘Knowing God’ Packer, and is a good devotional tool for a couple of months. However, there is enough depth in here for the most mature and knowledgeable of Christians…indeed, it is a good antidote to dry fundamentalism.

Here are some choice quotes:

‘Theology fuels worship. We cannot worship what we do not know.’

‘If our theology does not regularly and joyfully lead us to worship, then something is wrong’

‘Human beings are like blobs of paint to Michaelangelo: they only reach their true beauty and potential when combined with others to form his Sistine chapel, the people of God.’


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