Seeing Christ: Panorama

This is the first of seven posts on seeing Jesus in the Old Testament.

Imagine buying a paperback novel and then opening it up at a random page. You could read that section of the novel and think it is about a crazed megalomaniac who lives in a volcano and wants to dominate the world whilst stroking his lovely white cat. But is that what the book is about?

Or, you can read the whole book, in it’s Meta-Narrative and context and be excited about…. 007… James Bond.

We need to see that Jesus is the Panorama of the Bible. The Big Picture. The Ultimate Person. If we don’t get that, we wont get anything else.

To jump in at just one point might give you the wrong impression – you need the bigger picture.

-You see, according to Colossians, who creates the world? Jesus!

-Who is promised in the garden after the fall? Jesus!

-Who does the OT sacrificial system point to? Jesus!

-Who’s blood line is being protected in Esther? Jesus!

-Who’s life and death are being predicted in the prophecies? Jesus!

It all looks to Him.

If you stand back and take a bird’s eye view of the Bible, it is all about Jesus.

That is the first way you see Jesus in the Old Testament, by standing back, taking a deep breath, and enjoying the beauty of the panorama.


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