Why the answer is ALWAYS Jesus

Yesterday was a glorious day in church. Why? Because we looked at Jesus!

In the morning we sang about and looked at how all our spiritual blessings (like being chosen and adopted) are ‘in Christ’. That is, everything we have, we have in Christ. That’s why we started the service by singing:

In Christ Alone, my hope is found

Jamie Hurd then opened up Ephesians 1:1-6 and encouraged us to praise our God and Father.


In the evening we started a new training course for this who teach the Bible in the life of the church. The course is called Taught to teach, and is aimed at investing in those who invest in others.

It was great to see 20 people come and learn how Jesus should be the centre of everything we teach. Indeed, without Him we have nothing. This is true of home schooling parents, Sunday School teachers, youth workers, Rooted group leaders, Sunday service leaders, 1-1 partners, and preachers. It really is all about Jesus!

A particular highlight was watching this video…it’ll put a lump in your throat:

Some great resources to help you:


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