Getting ready for Sunday

This week we head back into our year long series ‘Uncensored‘, expositions from 1 Corinthians. Between now and Easter we will be looking at how the church should worship in a corporate setting. This week we’ll look at the controversial subject of head coverings – that is, what is the role of women in the church service?

Before you blurt out your pre-conceived notions, have a think about the following:

1 Corinthians 11:2-16

  • What is the first and deepest theological point that Paul makes in this passage?
  • What does Paul say is true ‘in the Lord’ towards the end of the passage?

I am always weary of people saying ‘the culture of the day....’, as we don’t really know what it was like. But, we can know the culture of Jewish worship from the Old and New Testaments. So, have a think about:

  • What did the OT teach about long hair on men?
  • Did the NT (especially the gospels) put women in equal worth to men?

Ok, there are some thoughts to get you ready for Sunday. They are all a bit disjointed, but it will be worth thinking through.

See you Sunday…with your hat?


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