Book Review: Rescuing Ambition

I ended 2010 by reading this wonderful book, Rescuing Ambition by Dave Harvey. It is a strange title and is an odd concept…surely ambition is always selfish? As a reformed evangelical I am always a little suspicious of leaders wanting success and bigger congregations. So, I was intrigued by this book. Indeed, he really did rescue ambition.

Harvey helps us to see that there is a big difference between selfish ambition (James 3:13-16) and being ambitious for God’s glory. He is able to mix deep biblical understanding with simple, memorable phrases. He is also good to at weaving a good story to illustrate the point he is making. This creates a book that is easy to read, simple to grasp, and challenging to all.

Perhaps you are scared of ambition and so end up being a little lazy – this book is for you.

Maybe you are driven by ambition…a selfish ambition – this book is for you.

One chapter of particular note is chapter 9: Ambitious for the church. I thought this was the highlight of the book and a chapter I would love all my church members to read. As he says, ‘If our ambition is to align with Christ’s, we must be ambitious for the local church’.

As always, Harvey is clear on the gospel, and makes sure that all he writes is seen through the lens of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. This book really does challenge and warm the soul – indeed, it frees you to be ambitious for the gospel.

This is well worth reading.

There are some sample downloads here.

Here is Dave explaining the book:

Here is a talk he gave based on the start of the book:


One thought on “Book Review: Rescuing Ambition

  1. Yep. Odd concept but a great book which seriously challenges but also seriously encourages the reader in their ambitious pursuit of God’s Glory and Christ’s fame.

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