The Forrest Gump Gospel

Tonight I was speaking at our Welsh language Carol Concert ‘Darganfod Y Nadolig’. We were looking at Luke 2:10 and the Angel announcing that the baby Jesus would be good news, of great joy, to all people (it alliterated in Welsh!).

You can listen to the talk here.

At the end of the talk I had an idea (an off-the-cuff illustration), and went with it. In hindsight, I now see it as a ‘Forrest Gump‘ moment. Remember the film? Remember the famous quote?

Life was like a box of chocolates’

My conclusion was that the gospel is like a box of chocolates. Let me explain…

When I buy someone a box of chocolates, I really hope they open it while I am there, so that they will share it with me. Simple.

Am I saying that God is greedy?

Am I saying that God only thinks of Himself?

No, God is greater than I am….much greater! In fact, life only makes true sense when we know Him. In Him is true happiness, joy and contentment. So, the gospel is not something that God gives to us, rather, God is the Gospel.

Being a Christian is all about knowing God…everything else is a side dish.

My thinking has been greatly shaped by John Piper on this – especially his book ‘God is the Gospel‘.

Here is my question for you: are you enjoying the gospel with God….more to the point, are you enjoying God?

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