Explore: the mission

Our week of special events is coming fast, and I am really excited. I am excited because we are giving people the chance to explore life, God and everything!

Why call the week of events explore?

The Ask Jeeves’ web site boasts that it answers questions for millions of people each and every day. But there are some questions it just can’t answer.

Here are the Top 10 unanswerable questions of the last decade:

1 What is the meaning of life?
2 Is there a God?
3 Do blondes have more fun?
4 What is the best way to lose weight?
5 Is there anybody out there?
6 Who is the most famous person in the world?
7 What is love?
8 What is the secret to happiness?
9 Did Tony Soprano die?
10 How long will I live?

Whilst I’d love to know the best way to lose weight, and I am intrigued to know whether blondes do have more fun (and is that the case if they are a bottle blonde?). There are other questions there that keep us awake at night.
Questions about life, death, meaning and God. These are not questions that you can askJeeves, Google, find in a fortune cookie, or put off. These are questions that demand an exploration… questions you need to explore.

As a church we exist to help people explore these questions. We don’t offer quick answers and platitudes, but want people to explore the depths of these questions. In light of this we are holding a week of events, with people sharing their stories of exploration. But not ivory tower and easy answers. Rather we will meet people like Henry Olonga who had to flee his home country after standing
up against injustice; John Mosey who’s daughter was killed in the Lockerbie disaster: and Tamar Pollard who’s father was killed. These are real people, with real lives and real struggles. People who made a real exploration and met a real God.

Come along and explore God, life and everything.

For more information you can check out the website www.ammanfordchurch.com/explore

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