Getting ready for Sunday

This Sunday we will spend some more time in 1 Corinthians 7 and look at 2 burning issues:

Singleness (either never-married, widowed or divorced)

Separation (separation or divorce)

It would be worth getting  a sheet of paper and drawing 2 columns on in – over column 1 put ‘Singleness‘ and over column 2 put ‘Marriage‘.

Now read through chapter 7 and write down every command or comment that relates to both…

…ok…done that?

Have a look at your lists and think through the following:

-Which is the gift?

-Which is the best?

-Why is singleness good?

-Why is marriage good?

-Think through other areas of the Bible and add to the 2 columns.

-Write a summary sentence for both singleness and marriage.

(By the way, a couple of those were trick questions :))

See you Sunday!


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