Book review: Spirit empowered preaching

Spirit empowered preaching: involving the Holy Spirit in your ministry by Arturo G. Azurdia 111 is not a new book (It was first published in ’98), but it is a book I am glad of reading and regret not reading it when I started in ministry. The book is a response to the sad condition of the church, indeed, Art states ‘the greatest deficiency in contemporary expositional ministry is powerlessness; in other words, preaching that is devoid of the vitality of the Holy Spirit‘.

Art looks at what some call ‘unction’, ‘anointing’, ‘the smile of God’, etc. However, instead of relying on mere mystical experience and anecdotes,  Art carries out careful exegesis of key passages (such as 1 Corinthians) and builds a compelling biblical framework for Spirit empowered preaching.

The book is simple to read, full of excellent short and long quotes, logical and passionate. Above all, Art gives you a passion to spend time on your knees, and be confident in the gospel. He helps us to avoid many of the modern traps of preaching, and even ends with a double chapter section on the role of the congregation in preaching…I am tempted to photocopy those for my members 😉

This book is a must read for preachers. It is a lovely reminder to rely on the Holy Spirit (whilst keeping up the work of exposition) and to minister in the light of the Spirit’s work.

Art has a website here that is well worth checking out.

Also, Art spoke at the EMW Young Ministers conference last year, and his excellent talks are available here.

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