Every man should watch this


4 thoughts on “Every man should watch this

  1. Great as it is to have people out there who want to help older men finish well and invest in younger men, and help middle-aged men stay married and connect with their children and get young men to get (a) life (and it really is great, I’m grateful for it), I wonder if the point is being missed. So symptoms are well understood but I guess the problem in each case is that they need to know Jesus or need to know him better. And not look to him just as a model Man but as the Man that they are in by faith.

    I’m not saying that any of that is being denied, but I wonder if we’re starting to see signs of it being assumed?

    Or maybe this is total nonsense. I’d be happy if I’ve misunderstood the situation.

  2. I know what you mean Gethin, And I agree with the concern. But, I think, if you look at the emphasis of Acts 29 as a whole, I don’t think they assume the gospel of Jesus. Mind you, sometimes, even though the leaders are clear, the followers may not be, and that is a concern.
    We need to be careful.

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