Summer Silence

This blog will close down over the Summer as I’ll be taking a break from many of the day-to-day responsibility in order to take part in some events, spend time studying, and more importantly, spend time with Becca and Noah.

God Bless


3 thoughts on “Summer Silence

  1. Praise The Lord! Pastor Jonathon and sister Becca,
    Its been ages since I last spoke or saw you both, This is sister elizabeth from california, (hope you remember me) 🙂 time has just flew by, I couldnt remember the addy where the church , so I finally thought to check to see if there was a website for it and thank you jesus there is! Im pleased to learn that you both have been blessed with a son, CONGRATS! I loved you and your wife as well as the people of your church, I miss many of you and have thought of you all many times, I pray for all of you and bless you all abundantly,

  2. that was supposed to be MAY The Lord bless you abundantly lol ! I pray you and family are having a fantastic summer! 🙂

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