12 years on

This week I read an article that was written in 1998 in the Evangelical Magazine of Wales. It gives a brief history of our church and a glimpse at what the church was like 12 years ago. It was both encouraging and helpful to read the article.

Here are some thoughts:

1977: the main thing that everyone remembers from the start of the church was going through Romans. What a great foundation for the church. Indeed, that confidence in the gospel and weekly exposition of God’s Word remains. Thank the Lord for such a heritage.

1983: The article talks about the church’s close bond of fellowship. This has always been an aim of the church, and although we now stand at 100 adults (as opposed to 18 in 1983), we still enjoy close fellowship and obeying the ‘one another’s’.

1986: In this year we took on Kevin Adams as church worker and renovated the Cellar.  This would have been just before the church turned 10 years old. Those decisions have had a huge impact in my life (who was only 1 years old when the church was planted!) as I was converted under Kevin’s ministry in the Cellar.

At that time the church had started it’s Carol Concert with the Town Silver Band – which still continues…some things never change, and don’t need to.

1998: This is the year of the article.

-The Christmas before we had started a Christmas Day meal for the lonely -that still continues.

-We sent out our first missionary – we are about to send out another this summer.

-We were involved in the EMW bookshop – we still are.

-We were looking for a building – we found one…now we need a bigger one!

-We hoped to church plant….we haven’t yet…but…the desire is still there.

The article finishes by quoting Psalm 127:

Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain

Last Sunday I preached from 1 Corinthians 3:

I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow

Our confidence is the same!

Thank you God for Ammanford Evangelical Church and all that you have saved in the last 33 years.


4 thoughts on “12 years on

  1. I was so blessed to read this article!

    God has used this church in mighty ways to bless my life and so many others. Ammanford Evangelical church will always be home and I am so grateful for his faithfulness and provision through the years….I feel a blessed lady to have been a part of such an incredible fellowship that invested in my life beyond what most young ladies get exposed to…long may Gods work continue in Ammanford Evangelical!

  2. Diolch a diolch. Mae’n Duw ni nid yn unig yn fwy na phawb a phob dim, mae e’n dda – yn well na phawb a phob dim. Diolch Iddo.

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