Book review: Sex, romance and the Glory of God

On Father’s Day we gave all the married men in the church a copy of Sex, Romance and the Glory of God: What every Christian husband needs to know by CJ Mahaney. I have read the book twice and intend to read it at least another 3 times…before  am 40…if not more! Now, before you get a bit hot under the collar – this is not a Christian Karma Sutra, there are no diagrams and you don’t need to hid the book.

Now, the aim of the book is for husbands to ‘lead our wives into increasingly rich, erotic, holy, satisfying, God-glorifying encounters!‘. But, his answer is not merely about technique but about understanding that ‘sexual intimacy within marriage has profound spiritual significance‘ and that ‘before you touch her body, touch her heart and mind’.

This book helps you to see that you can love your wife by studying her, finding out what she loves and how she receive love, and that there are simple disciplines like a weekly date night that can make all the difference to a marriage. The book is extrememlyt practical and realistic – but very challenging. This book WILL change your marriage, for the better.

I would encourage every married man to read this book. Indeed, I need to read this book time and time again to encourage and equip me to be a better husband.

I really pray that all the married men in our church would read this book, that they would want to love their wives as Christ loves the church. I would love to see our church full of strong and sensual marriages that glorify God and create a family environment that blesses their children.  I hope there are no males who call themselves ‘men’ in our church who are not willing to read this book.

Read it…


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