3 reasons to love Rap

If you know me, you know I am not a Rap/ Hip Hop fan. To be honest, I don’t even know if there is a difference between Rap and Hip Hop… All I know is that Dido sang on an Eminem song once. I’ve never liked Rap (except for one song I heard in Seattle), but find myself listening to Rap every day now.

There are 3 reasons you can love Rap:

1. The Church: Called and Collected by Lamp Mode recordings

This is an album of songs by different rappers like Stephen the Levite, Shai Linne and the famous Trip Lee. The album was made in conjunction with 9 Marks – the white (mainly), middle class, reformed ministry that looks to strengthen the local church. The songs go through each of the marks of a healthy church – like Gospel, expository preaching and church discipline. I’ve been walking around with my iPod on listening to this and being unbelievably challenged and encouraged. The Rap medium is very powerful.

My favourite track is Expository Preaching. I listen to it and imagine myself like Eminem before going on stage in 8 Mile….know what I mean?

2. Truemcee (aka Dai Hankey) from Hill City Church

I’ve seen Dai do his stuff a few times in VJ Newport. I love it. I love the fact that he can get a message across in a way that people understand, especially kids. He’s had a bit of media coverage lately – and that has been good for the gospel.

You can get his stuff for free here.

My favorite track by Pastor Dai is My Girls. I love the fact that he uses a medium that usually abuses women, but uses it to life women  up. Top man!

Listen to it:

3. Society Profiad featuring Rhys and Cynan Llwyd and Steff Ellis, etc

This is Welsh Rap – yes…Welsh…Christian…Rap! More than that, a lot of their songs are reworking of old William Williams hymns. Now, everything in me makes me think that this should not work. But it does! The boys have done good. These guys are on tour this summer -and are well worth going to see.

The details are here.

My favourite track has to be Curiadau Nasareth.

Some videos


6 thoughts on “3 reasons to love Rap

  1. Wow! I made it into the top 3 – humbled!! Thanks for the props.

    With you on Shai Linne – awesome stuff.

    Catch you soon (homeboy!)


    (PS – you going to CoMission?

  2. Dappy? Is he the odd one?
    Dai…I am going to C0mission – look forward to seeing you.
    Keep looking up

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