The tent Maker

On Sunday night we hosted a one man play called the tent maker by Dai Woolridge. Dai was brought up in our church and has gone on to be a part of Glenwood church and the Going Public Theatre Company in Cardiff. Dai had a very ambition plan…a plan to give an overview of the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul in 1 hour.

Did he do it?

Did he achieve that goal?


The tent maker is an amazing show. It is both deeply moving and hilariously funny, as well as being simple enough for a non-Christian to understand, but cover enough ground for older Christians to re-think a lot of the New Testament. Dai takes you through amazing highs and low’s as he searches the emotions of Paul, the way he handled difficulties and his love of the gospel.

Some came out crying, some laughing and others thinking through some of the parts of Paul’s ministry they’d never thought about before. Ultimately, every one came out with the gospel ringing in their hearts.

Dai has a very quirky sense of humour, but even the pensioners found him funny – especially when he argues with the screen – you have to be there! Dai covers a lot of ground, but even the children could understand him. It is brilliant.

So, why not “be there”?

The show won’t be around forever…

The show is on tour NOW at:

24th June, 7 30pm – Hereford @ Freedom Church (Tickets available from: Karen Cook – 01432 266800)

25th June, 7pm –  Ivybridge Devon @ Ivy Bridge Methodist Church (Tickets available from: 01752 898546 (Ivybridge Youth for Christ) or 07710231529)

29th June, 7 30pm – Guildford @ Millmead Baptist Church (Tickets available from: 01483 575 008)

30th June, 7 30pm – Birmingham @ Northfield Baptist Church (Tickets available from: 01214 766678)

1st July, 7 30pm – Carmarthen @ Queen Elizabeth High School Theatre (Tickets available from: Mark Bennet 01267 242704)

9th July, 7 30pm – Llanelli @ 21st Century church (Tickets available from: Geraint Jones 01554 749036)

I’ll be honest, I would go and see it again. It is brilliant!

Go on….spoil yourself…


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