Book review: The enemy within

The enemy within: straight talking about the power and defeat of sin is an amazing book by Kris Lundgaard. Kris, as he claims in the books preface, has ‘Kidnapped Owen’. That is, he has read the works of the Puritan John Owen on Sin, realised that they were closed to most people, simplified them, and wrote this book. He has brought ‘Owen into the 21st Century’. This is great news!

Kris takes us through Romans 7 and shows how sin works in the life of the believer. I found his writing fresh, encouraging and very, very challenging. Indeed, I remember reading Owen on Sin and finding him so penetrating and wise – Kris has captured this very well.

If you are struggling with sin, discouraged by your own weakness, or are ready to give up…this book is for you. The book has excellent illustrations, simple points and short chapters. It really is John Owen for dummies…and I am so glad for that.

This book will help you understand why we struggle with sin, how the flesh attacks, the cunning schemes of the evil one, how to have better communion with God, be strengthened, trust more in the power of the Holy Spirit, and enjoy your faith more.

This is an excellent book and cannot recommend it too highly.

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