The enemy within Part 1

The enemy within: straight talking about the power and defeat of sin is an amazing book by Kris Lundgaard. Kris, as he claims in the books preface, has ‘Kidnapped Owen‘. That is, he has read the works of the Puritan John Owen on Sin, realised that they were closed to most people, simplified them, and wrote this book. He has brought ‘Owen into the 21st Century‘. This is great news!

I have found the book so beneficial I thought I’d spend the rest of the week blogging some of his insights before writing a proper book review.

Kris takes us through Romans 7 and shows how sin works in the life of the believer. I found his writing fresh, encouraging and very, very challenging. Indeed, I remember reading Owen on Sin and finding him so penetrating and wise – Kris has captured this very well.
A primary way that the flesh weakens us is by getting us to stop having communion with God. Here are four ways that the flesh attack’s our communion:

1. It aims at your weakness

The flesh attacks where we are weak -like encouraging the disciples to sleep as Jesus prayed as it was late at night.

2. It is a tyrannu of the urgent

The flesh uses your work and social life to undermine your communion with God. It makes you think that too much time alone with God is a waste and gets in the way of your being a good witness at work, etc. Very crafty.

3. It uses the duty swap

The flesh encourages us that is we miss our own private communion with God we can replace it with public worship (like church, etc).

4. It makes big promises

The flesh tells us that we can always pray more next week.

One of the big themes of the book is that we must spend time in communion with God and watch out for these strategies.

Do you fall for any of them?


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