Book review: REWORK

REWORK: Changing the way you work forever is a secular book on business and leadership by John Fried and David Neinemeier Hansson who are part of the amazing business 37signals. The book is a collection of blog posts on business and leadership and are very short, sharp and occasionally shocking.

The aim of the book is to show that you don’t have to follow much of what is popular business theory. For example, you don’t need a big staff, long term plans, work long hours or have a big publicity budget plan. In that sense the book is very refreshing. It is basically a book by a bunch of underdog geeks who have struck lucky in business and think they know everything. But, there is genius in their slightly arrogant thoughts.

Here are some examples:

Have you ever had an idea and people have said that it doesn’t work in the real work? Rework replies: ‘The real world isn’t a place, it’s an excuse. It’s a justification for not trying.’

How often do people tell you bigger is better? Even in churches?! Rework replies by saying that sometimes it is best to stay small. A great example is Oxford University. If they franchised all over the world they would cease to be who they are.

Sometimes business speak applies directly into the church. The chapter ‘Draw a line in the sand‘ is one such nugget. Basically, they say that you have to decide what you are about and draw a line in the sand…don’t compromise. I think this is a challenge in terms of the gospel. Do we draw a line in the sand and say that we will dress down or dress up the message of the Cross?


If you enjoy business books you will really enjoy this one and find it refreshing.

If you have never read a business book and want an easy way in, this is your book. It is good fun, thought provoking and challenging.

A great book.

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