Great half term listening

Over the weekend there was a great conference in America called ‘Next‘. It used to be called ‘New Attitude’ and is organised by Joshua Harris and Sovereign Grace Ministries. This years conference seems to come off the back of Harris latest book ‘Dug Down Deep’ which I raved about here.

After Harris’ initial sermon there are 6 sermons on 6 key doctrines by 6 brilliant preachers.

Click the sermon title to get to the AUDIO:

What are you built on? Joshua Harris

The doctrine of Christ’s work accomplished and applied. Mark Dever

Scripture. Kevin DeYoung

Sanctification. CJ Mahaney

God. DA Carson

The Church. Kevin DeYoung

The end times. Jeff Purswell

While I am pointing you to the NEXT website it is worth making sure you know about 2 others resources:

Past Sermons There are some amazing sermons here – it is a real treasure trove. It is well worth checking out ‘Fighting for Faith with God’s word‘ by John Piper and ‘The Truth: Rediscovering Humble Orthodoxy‘ by Joshua Harris.

Get downloading!

Webzine This is brilliant. Every month a new webzine goes up on a specific topic (like church, God and Sanctification) and has a tonne of amazing contributers – well worth reading.


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