Lord’s Day 1

Today we start going through the Heidelberg Catechism together using the book ‘The good news we almost forgot‘ by Kevin DeYoung. I have been very excited about this book for a long time.

I’ll comment via a video (sorry for the quality…but I ain’t got enough money for a Mac…but it does look like a badly dubbed Ninja film which is cool!). Each week will be less than 5 minutes, and will discuss some part of the Lord’s Day questions – this week is more of a general outline of the Catechism. I will also engage with some of what DeYoung says. You can then share your thoughts on the comments section below. The idea is to encourage each other to read and think through the Catechism….but more than that, to be challenged and encouraged.

Here is Lord’s Day 1:

Ok, that video is so bad, I’ve tried recording an ‘ audio podcast’. Have a listen and tell me which you prefer – audio or video…


3 thoughts on “Lord’s Day 1

  1. Before anybody else says it….the video quality is terrible!!!!!
    Any thought on free downloads to help?

  2. A noddy comment on the Catechism starting with us. the answer to the first question doesn’t end with us. Rather it reminds us that God in all His triune fullness is for us, ruling over us, and working in us.

    It may start with us on the bottom floor of the empire states building, but four lines later we have been whisked at breakneck speed to the very top of the empire states building and are gasping at the beautiful view that now stands before us.

  3. That’s really helpful, I like that.
    I guess whenever we look at ourselves Biblically, we will always end up looking to God.
    Thanks Larry.

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