Join me going through the Heidelberg?

Earlier this week I told you about the excitement with which I received my copy of ‘the good news we almost forgot’ by Kevin DeYoung. Basically he takes you through the Heidelberg Catechism, which is a brilliant and heart warming question-and-answer-fest through the Christian Faith.

Me and and some others are going to read it together via this blog. One chapter a week – about 15-20 minutes commitment. All you do is sit down with your Horlicks on a Sunday night or Coffee on a Monday morning, read the chapter, and then pop onto the blog and comment.

Would you like to join us?

I’d like you to 😉

Comment below if you are going to do it…let’s covenant together!

Now, ‘I haven’t got a copy!’ I hear you say….Well….

Here are some bits of advice to help you:

  • You can see the first 2 weeks worth here. Free online….while you buy your copy
  • You could pop to your local bookshop tomorrow and see if it is in stock.
  • You could order it with free delivery here.
  • You could get the audio book download here.

2 thoughts on “Join me going through the Heidelberg?

  1. I will join you. Waiting for my copy to be delivered! This is good because it was on my list of things to read anyway! 🙂

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