Book (P)review: The Good News we almost forgot

The Good news we almost forgot: rediscovering the gospel in a 16th Century catechism sounds unbelievably boring. But it is not. In fact, I have been overly excited for the last 3 months waiting for this book to arrive. And here it is!

I love the heidelberg Cateechism and I really enjoy the writings/ blogs of Kevin DeYoung. This book is Kevin DeYoung going through the Catechism…which is a joy for me. This Catechism is really warm, encouraging, pastoral and theologically sound. I have encouraged you to read it before. The great thing now is that you can buy this book, which contains the Catechism and DeYoungs running commentary.

I really wanted to read this book this week. Just sit down with a good coffee and plough through. But after reading the introduction (which is amazing) and the Lords Day 1, I have decided to spend a year reading it. The catechism is designed to be read every Lord’s Day for a year…so that is what I will do.

I was just so excited I had to tell you!

So, why don’t you do the same?

Why don’t you buy a copy, set 15 minutes of your Sunday to one side, and be blessed for the next 52 Sundays?

Go on…you know you should!

But, just in case you don’t, I will quote it every week and give you my thoughts.

God Bless!


6 thoughts on “Book (P)review: The Good News we almost forgot

  1. Hi Jon. The last time I bought a book recommended by you and Jamie it was awesome (Dug Down Deep) so I have now ordered this one too. cheers! gruff

  2. Mate, so glad you’re ordered the book.
    Are you going to read it straight through or take a year?

  3. I think taking a year over it might be helpful. I shall follow your comments also and share any thoughts if I have some too! cheers!

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