Evidence of Present Grace

The "coffee" elder

The next evidence of grace that Paul looks at is how God is giving gifts to the Corinthians now, in the present. Again, I could go on and on about this (and will do 2 blogs on this one!) but here is a list of evidences of grace in Ammanford Evangelical Church:

Behind the Scenes Serving

There is an army of servants that keep AEC running…especially on a Sunday:

  • The tech guys
  • The music band
  • The deaf translation team
  • The elder who makes coffee
  • Those who make a point of welcoming people
  • The refreshment team
  • The Sunday school teachers
  • Those who take the Sermon MP3 and distribute them
  • The cleaners who prepare the building

Going through tough times but trusting

Torch Fellowship

One of the greatest joys I have is seeing people trust in the Lord when there life is in the storm:

  • Struggling with ill health
  • Struggling with terminal illness
  • The grieving
  • Those determined to save their marriage
  • Those in financial difficulties
  • People who have lost jobs and business
  • People with mental health struggles

Growing in grace day by day

The refreshment team leader

Finally, I love to see people just growing in grace day by day…just in the normality of life:

  • The young Christian taking a stand in school
  • The older Christians taking their faith seriously again
  • The repentant sinner standing in grace
  • Those married to not-yet-Christians and living a quiet witness
  • People getting into reading the Bible regularly
  • Christians re-discovering the joy of grace…and enjoying it!
  • Those thinking of going on the mission field

Well, there are some evidences of grace at the moment….but I didn’t mention so many….

  • Those who visit and care for the sick and elderly
  • Those who host and lead Rooted groups
  • Those who go to the Prayer meetings
  • The Torch team
  • The Tiddlywinks team
  • The Youth team
  • The leadership team
  • The building maintenance volunteers
  • The church staff
  • The Darganfod team
  • Those who pray through the prayer diary
  • Those who write letters to our missionaries
  • Those who say ‘thanks’ and encourage others
  • Those who practice hospitality

Ok, I better stop…but you get the point?
God is at work!

See you tomorrow with some more…


One thought on “Evidence of Present Grace

  1. This is turning to be such a worthwhile exercise. Every time you think you’re done another ‘evidence of grace’ pops up!

    We truly are blessed to be part of God’s people where Grace abounds.

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