Evidence of Grace

This week my blog is going to be devoted to showing evidences if grace. This comes from the sermon I preached on Sunday from 1 Corinthians 1:1-9, where Paul sees all the evidences of God’s grace in the lives of the Corinthians. But, if I’m honest, I stole that concept from CJ Mahaney (who probably stole it from Spurgeon!).

So, what evidences of God’s grace do you see?

Why not comment some below? That would be really encouraging!

If you weren’t there on Sunday you can listen to the sermon:


You can also listen to the sermon by CJ that helped me understand this and revolutionised my approach to church ministry:


9 thoughts on “Evidence of Grace

  1. An evidence of grace that I’ve noticed in the church is the attention and care we give those with disabilities. We have Torch fellowship for the blind along with lifts for them and there’s signing by the regular few along with an audio induction loop for the deaf on a sunday morning. Not only that, but there are signing classes that are regularly advertised and encouraged to the congregation so that we can learn to speak it too. Not only is it a useful life skill, more importantly it helps us to be more like one body in the church as there are no language barriers.

  2. the evidence that I have found in the Body is that it does what it says on the tin. when I found AEC through my PC the church website said loads of stuff. when i got to aec i was welcomed people made real effort to talk to me and make me feel at home, quickly envolving me in all sorts of fab events like bianto, rooted, girls nights, dinner, lunch at frinds homes etc etc ,but they invited my husband too and he said they come over as normal and real people, I feel loved and I never feel judged no-one holds malice or bears grudges but at the same time they are not false they express truth frankly to your face if they agree or disagree with me and I feel I can do the same. or in church meetings folk are not afraid to spek up coz there is no monopoly going on.I best shut up now I could go on for hours. Grace abounds.

  3. An evidence of grace for me is the number of people who happily serve in Kids Church each week. The people who are willing to spend time in their week preparing Bible stories and activities to engage with the children’s hearts and point them to Jesus, people who are willing to turn up early to church to set up and are willing to miss out on hearing a sermon once a month so they can serve the little ones. An evidence and model of grace.

  4. My evidence of grace (well one of many I can assure you!) is the way the more senior folks look out for, encourage and pray for the younger ones. I’ve been on the receiving end of some serious blessings because at AEC age isn’t a determining factor, the Gospel is. And that’s not a vision statement that our pastor has needed to cast, that’s a reality that can only exist if the church embodies it.

  5. My evidence of grace was wandering around the church with a black bag held in a hand covered with a gardening glove filling it with weeds on a Saturday evening that she could have deservedly spent with her legs up relaxing in the house! Well done A M

  6. I find it an evidence of grace, that God can change the hardest of heats, and that He loves me

  7. My evidence of grace, the most recent evidence of grace for me was Sioned coming to church, she grew in confidence and understanding of the Lord through Eleveate and various youth work and this year she took the plundge and came with me to church.. and she loves it!

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